Basic Home Renovation Guide: What You Need To Do First

Basic Home Renovation Guide: What You Need To Do First

Where do you start with home renovation? What are the things you need to do and the people you need to hire? When you have the budget already, follow these steps and tips before you start any project.

Assess the house or area you want to renovate. It’s good to have a plan or design to start with, the whole project should not start without assessing the current status of your house. Shop for couple of contractors that have experience in the project. Many companies like window repair phoenix for home renovation provide free assessment and estimates. They act as managers of different teams, so if you’re remodeling your bathroom, unless he has extensive experience on similar projects, have him bring someone who can fully assess the water systems and plumbing in your house. Unless you’re rebuilding your house from ground and up, any type of remodeling projects need to be aligned to house foundations to avoid further damage and costs.

Talk about the design with your contractor or architect. Whether it’s just a sketch or a photo of the kitchen you want to have, discuss this in detail. What type of foundation do you want? Do you want a full gut upgrade for the old plumbing system in the bathroom? That way, your contractor will fully grasp what you really want in the project and give proper estimate on material, labor costs and his fees. This way you’ll get an idea of how much you need to budget for your home remodeling.

Secure your budget. You don’t want to have your house renovation standing half done because you ran out of cash. Secure your funding before your start, and if you can’t completely afford a full transformation, talk to your contractor on how he can break down the projects. This way the upgrades are finished part by part without sacrificing the full functionality of your house.

Get permits. Some outdoor upgrades like high fences, or layered decks that are higher than standard need permits from your local zoning agencies. Fireplaces, new house additions, or renovating the roof into different height may also require permits. Don’t assume completely that these are handled by contractors, it’s your responsibility that all your renovation projects comply with the building rules and the law.

Agree with a contract. Home renovations with contractors must be in full-writing. It should include details on the agreed start and completion date, design plans, materials and costs, terms of payment, insurance, standards of work and termination terms. Also, all renovation or construction contracts should warranty provisions.